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It goes without saying, if you want to do something amazing for Halloween, you need to do something different from everyone else. My kids love all the orange pumpkins and black spiders but I do get tired of the usual. For something different try shabby chic white Halloween décor.

By using the color white with different textures you can create an amazing scene in your home and on the porch. Your friends and family are sure to be impressed. Here are some ideas and pictures to get you started. 

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Shabby Chic White Halloween Décor Ideas

White Halloween Decor

This high quality white resin pumpkin is 6-inch x 4.5-inch tall. For the price, click here.

If your home is decorated in the shabby chic style, you may be looking for ways to implement that same décor style for holidays, such as Halloween.

Of course, Halloween is typically filled with a lot of orange pumpkins, black spiders, and white ghosts.

But that doesn’t always fit in well with your feminine, vintage-inspired look.

Here are some ways you can decorate for Halloween while also sticking with your shabby chic décor.

Place a Vintage-Inspired Halloween Wreath on the Front Door

The first area of your home you might want to decorate for Halloween is your front porch. A good way to get started is by replacing your current wreath with a new one.

You can go ahead and start with a traditional style wreath and decorate it like you would another shabby chic wreath.

Once you’ve got the basic wreath completed, add a few subtle elements to turn it into a Halloween themed one as well.

Take either a foam or straw wreath form, then cover it in a material that is white and will cover the wreath form completely. This might be lace doilies, white fabric, or even white yarn. When it is completely covered, add some shabby chic Halloween items. You can include white spiderwebs and some pastel or white-washed mini pumpkins. And, as you can see in the picture, you could even try skeleton hands.

You can finish it off with some white and black flowers and plants to give it that shabby chic wreath look.

Need more creepy cloth for Halloween? You always need more creepy cloth. It can be used on fences, doors, wreaths, mantels and of course as part of your centerpiece.

Add Candles to Your Fireplace

White Halloween Decor

Source This is a great start to your Halloween Fireplace but try adding some plastic spiders for more spookiness.

White Halloween decor

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This idea might not seem completely Halloween-themed, but it can be if you do it right.

Remove all of the logs and wood from inside your fireplace and move aside the fireplace screen.

Now fill the fireplace with candles, candelabras, and tall candle sticks of different sizes. You want a lot of different heights with the candles.

The candles should fill the entire fireplace with multiple layers of candles. Choose some shabby chic candle stick holders and tall white votives.

Mix in a few black candles and perhaps attach some fake plastic spiders to the outsides of them, but not close to where the flame will be.

Now light them up instead of having a fire, and it gives a spooky Victorian look for Halloween.

Include a Shabby Chic Spooky Birdhouse

white halloween decor raven

This is a full size 10-inch long black raven to place in your birdhouse. For the price, click here.

This is a simple decorative element that can combine both Halloween and the shabby chic style.

Get an old birdhouse and create a distressed look by painting it white, but not solid white. You want it to look old and weathered, similar to other shabby chic furniture or decorative items in your home.

Now place a fake black crow or other black bird inside the birdhouse. Once you’ve done that, you can place some spiders and cobwebs on the outside of the cage to make it look old.

This look can also be achieved with a thin wire birdcage. Obviously it is harder to create the distressed white look on thin wire but you can still add the cobwebs and decorations. It’ll look good and spooky with a raven inside.

3 Ways to Have a Shabby Chic Pumpkin

One thing you’ll see in everyone’s Halloween décor is a pumpkin. Because pumpkins are a popular vegetable during the fall season you know you’re going to see them everywhere.

Most people carve Jack-O-Lanterns for their Halloween décor. But when you have a soft and feminine shabby chic style, the last thing you want to do is set out bright orange pumpkins.

Instead, consider creating some shabby chic pumpkins with the following ideas.

A Shabby Chic White-Washed Halloween Pumpkin

White Halloween Decor

For the details see here. The instructions are towards the end of the article.

This is one of the more popular ways to have pumpkins in your white Halloween décor, but still go with your shabby chic home décor style.

White washing a pumpkin can be done on plastic or real pumpkins. Just remember, it will last longer if you go with a fake pumpkin from your local craft store. You can simply paint the outside of the pumpkin by using white acrylic paint or chalk paint.

You want to use light strokes on the pumpkin, as it isn’t going to be solid white, but have a distressed and old look to retain the shabby chic style. Keep adding light coats of paint until you are happy with the results.

Make a Victorian-Style White Halloween Décor Pumpkin

A décor style that is very similar to shabby chic is going with an old-fashioned Victorian style.

You can use this as your inspiration to turn an ordinary orange pumpkin into one that fits in much better with your white décor.

You first want to cover the pumpkin in a fabric or material that makes it look softer and less orange. Try using white or pink sheer fabric or lace over it, or even adding some lace doilies and gluing them to the outside.

You can then add some lace trim or white pearls to the outside. You can get creative with the pumpkin, using any materials or decorative elements you want for the pumpkin.

Use Black and White as the Theme for your Pumpkin

Following the same type of method, but with a slightly darker and spookier element, start with a black pumpkin.

If you can’t find one in black, get a regular orange pumpkin, then paint it a solid black color.

Once the paint is dry, you then want to cover it with white sheer fabric or white lace. You need to make sure it’s thin enough so that you can see that it is a black pumpkin underneath.

Now you can get creative and add any white or black decorations to the outside of the pumpkin, whether you go with bats or cobwebs, or you add some black plastic spiders.

You can even attach a little black bird to the top for maximum creep factor.

Another idea is to add a small skeleton mouse sitting on top. Or a black skeleton raven (click here to see one).

Another alternative, but still going with the black and white theme, is to use stripes or black ribbon on your white pumpkin.

This is a very stylish look and can still fit with shabby chic if you pair your pumpkins with a candelabra or Halloween props.

With all these ideas for white Halloween décor, you can choose what you like best and add your own touches to personalize it. With white as your dominant color, it’s easy to go with black decorations or skeleton and skull Halloween items. Once you get started on a white Halloween décor project you’ll want to keep going because the end result is stunning. Enjoy making your home hauntingly beautiful.

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