The Ultimate Star Wars Candy Dish for Halloween or Birthday Parties

Star Wars Candy Dish Halloween or BirthdayLooking for an awesome Star Wars Candy Dish for Halloween or a themed Birthday Party? Here are the most popular and some of the best. The great thing about these candy dishes is that you can fill them with candy at Halloween, crackers at a BBQ, fruit for a play date or a variety of things at a birthday party. They can get lots of use throughout the year.

Darth Vader Candy Dish

My kids love this Darth Vader Star Wars Candy Dish. It’s the absolute favorite in our house. So, if you’re also in favor of the dark side, take a look.

This candy dish is 6.5″ tall. And the bowl is durable plastic.

It’s an officially licensed Star Wars product so you know it’s high quality.

Star Wars Candy Dish

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I know someone who took one of these to work at Halloween for candy. Darth Vader was such a hit with his co-workers that he kept it in the office all year round!

These candy dishes are a great gift idea at Christmas too.

Stormtrooper Candy Dish

This Stormtrooper Star Wars Candy Dish is equally as impressive at Darth Vader. This Star Wars candy dish is popular with kids and adults. This is another great value candy dish that will get lots of use throughout the year.  

This Stormtrooper is 6.5″ tall (similar to Darth Vader, if you’re considering matching them up). And it’s strong plastic for durability.

And of course, this is an officially licensed Star Wars product like the candy dish above.

Here’s a great idea. Get several Stormtrooper candy dishes and line them all up together in rows, full of candy! Now that would look impressive.

Halloween Candy Dish

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Star Wars BB-8 Candy Dish

If you’re looking for a cute Star Wars candy dish, BB-8 is great. This candy bowl measures 7.5″ x 9.25″. Also, the bowl is durable plastic for longevity.

This BB-8 Candy Dish is an officially licensed Star Wars product so you know it’s got great attention to detail with authentic appearance.

Halloween Candy Dish

BB-8 tends to be a bit more expensive that the previous two candy dishes, but the price can change at any time, so check the latest price here.

Yoda Candy Dish

Star Wars Candy Dish

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Yoda is always popular. This candy dish holding Yoda has a removable plastic bowl so you can place other things over his hands. You can drape party decorations or LED lights across his arms, if you don’t want to use the bowl.

This Yoda is 20″ tall, 10″ wide and he comes out about 13″ from the wall when holding the bowl. You need to sit Yoda flat against a wall because this is the way he’s designed with a hollow back.

What else can I put in the bowl?

Star Wars Candy Dish

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Ideas for things to place in this Star Wars candy dish include candy at Halloween or Birthday Parties, coins at home, business cards at work, party favors or any other small items. It could hold your wallet, keys and pocket items in a bedroom. You can also use it as a fruit bowl.

Especially relevant, you’ll need to read this about the weight of the product. So, a word of warning, if you’re going to fill the bowl with candy or fruit, some people have had problems with him toppling forward. There is an easy fix to this. If you place a weight in Yoda’s hollowed out back he will stay upright without any problem.

Because Yoda is holding the bowl out, it is very welcoming to people if you’d like to offer them treats.

In addition to the Yoda shown, there are similar Star Wars candy dishes, in other Star Wars characters, see the Amazon listings below. They are similar in size to Yoda.

Also, remember they each have the hollowed out back so they need to stand against a wall.

Consequently, if you want to use them is a centerpiece, you should buy two and place them back-to-back in the middle of the table. You could present good versus evil with Darth Maul and Yoda or you could pair up similar characters like Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper together.

Looking for more Star Wars Candy Dish ideas. Here they are…

Star Wars Candy Dish – Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Ewok, Jawa

R2-D2 & C-3PO Ceramic Bowl Set

Star Wars Candy Dish for Halloween

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If you like ceramic bowls, you’ll like this two bowl set. The R2-D2 Star Wars candy dish is 6.5″ top diameter. The C-3PO candy dish is slightly smaller. Also, they both have capacity of more than 3 cups.

Due to their friendship, these Star Wars characters make a great pair of bowls for putting out together.

Because these are ceramic, they are not limited to being candy bowls. You can use them for lots of different things in your kitchen.

The only limitation is that you can’t put them in the dishwasher or the microwave. With all that gold on C-3PO I wouldn’t want to risk it anyway!

This Star Wars candy dish set is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. It’s high quality. I think you’ll really like this set.

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Star Wars Candy Dish



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