Smart Tech Presents for Parents to Make Life Easier

Smart Tech Presents for ParentsNeed a gift for parents with young children? Your son and daughter-in-law? Your cousin? What about your niece?  Smart tech presents for parents can ease the burden for anyone with a young child. By giving parents a smart technology parenting gift you’ll be giving them something unique, convenient and possibly life-saving.

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One of the most practical applications of smart technology is making parenting a bit easier. And for anyone on your Christmas list who has a child, they will enjoy one of these great gifts. Parenting is a very tough job, especially when you’re looking after a young baby.

You have to be on call 24/7, checking in on your baby every chance you get to make sure it’s okay. However, with developments in smart technology, your job can be a lot easier.

Presents for Parents

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One of the most useful smart parenting devices is the Owlet Smart Sock. The Owlet allows you to monitor your infant’s vital signs at all times from your phone, specifically heart rate and oxygen levels.

With the Owlet you can always be sure your baby is healthy, and the simple interface of the Owlet app lets you see what the heart rate and oxygen levels are supposed to be at, so you don’t have to guess what the appropriate heart rate is.

Smart Tech Presents for Parents

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A simple yet effective way of helping your baby relax and fall asleep is by using the Fisher-Price Smart Projection Mobile. This smart mobile allows you to play lullabies, light shows, and night lights to calm your baby down.

The mobile is controlled from your smartphone so you have the convenience of changing the lights or sounds. Once your baby is a little older they will enjoy the projection on the ceiling too.

It can connect to just about any crib very easily. If you’re looking for presents for parents with a new born baby, they’re going to love this because it will help them get some sleep!

A particularly useful device for babies is a humidifier. Humidifiers keep the humidity in the room at a good level, which is good because if the air gets too dry, your baby will get sick easier.

You can find humidifiers varying in noise level, so if you like having the white noise you can get a louder one, or you can get a quieter one for the baby. You can also set them to automatically shut off after a certain point.

Humidifiers are great presents for parents of any age children. When the air is dry you can put the humidifier in a bedroom or a living room, whatever suits your lifestyle. Humidifiers are so useful and can help everyone in the family to stay healthy.

Presents for Parents

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Another great gift for parents is the Nest indoor security camera. If you’re looking for the best presents for parents this one hits the spot. The Nest indoor camera is fully functional with your smartphone, using the Nest app. You can see live feeds through the camera, hear audio, and even speak through the camera.

Tech Presents for Parents

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For example, if you see your toddler doing something dangerous, you can tell them to stop through the app and then go help them.

The Nest camera also works with the Amazon Echo if you have one.

The Nest doesn’t just work during the day. It has proper night vision.

This means it sees the whole room not just one little spot.

With night vision, you can see your baby at night or catch intruders in your home.

For example, if you think one of your teenagers is trying to sneak out, you can check the camera and see if they’re making a break for it.

You can set up the Nest camera to alert you on your phone when it detects activity around a certain time. This kind of electronic gadget makes a great gift for parents of any age group.

Buying a smart tech parenting present is not only fun but helpful too. Your family will love receiving such a unique present and you know you’ll be helping them all year round.

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