The Essential Guide to Star Wars Kitchen Items – Great For Christmas

Star Wars Kitchen ItemsStruggling to find a Christmas present for your nephew? What about your niece, husband, grandfather, uncle, son or wife? Here’s the essential guide to Star Wars kitchen items. From Star Wars waffle makers to salt and pepper shakers, you’ll love these Star Wars kitchen accessories. You could even redo your kitchen decor to be all things Star Wars.

With so many choices you can give everyone in the family different Star Wars kitchen gadgets and make your Christmas shopping easy. Continue reading

Looking for the Best Barbie Walking Horse this Christmas? Here’s the Dream Horse and more

Barbie Walking Horse Dream Horse 2017When I was a little girl, Christmas was special, but there is one year in particular that really stands out in my memory. There was no Barbie walking horse back then, but it was the year Golden Dream Barbie hit the market. That Christmas was possibly the best ever.

That Barbie doll was one I really wanted. She had a beautiful golden gown and the most important thing on her was her golden hair. She had “real” gold streaks in her long glossy hair. I brushed that hair so often I’m surprised it didn’t fall out.

That was many years ago but Barbie is still one of the most desired presents for little girls now. And Barbie still evokes an emotional response because girls love these dolls so much.

One of the hottest girls’ toys released in 2017 is the Barbie Dream Horse that comes with a choice of a blonde or black hair doll.

And no, that’s not a typo. It is Dream Horse not Dream House!

This Barbie set is going to be one of those standout presents this Christmas. For many little girls, this Barbie DreamHorse set will last in their memories forever. And I’ll explain why. Continue reading

Struggling to Find a Present for a Toddler? Best Toys for Toddlers

Best Toys for ToddlersChristmas is looming and you need to buy presents for a toddler. Toddler toys can be the most satisfying to shop for. The best toys for toddlers are bright and colorful and there are lots of educational toys to help your toddler develop and learn. When you’re buying a present that looks good and helps them learn, everyone feels good about it.

My children are now through the toddler stage, what a shame! When I look at this year’s wonderful offering of the best toys for toddlers, it makes me want to buy them. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for. The toys are divided into categories to help you make a decision based on the benefits they can offer your child. Continue reading

Find a Christmas Printable for Every Purpose – Lists, Calendars, Wall Art and Projects

Christmas is such a fun time for everyone in the family. If you love to decorate your home, you can find a Free Christmas Printable here to help make it fun. There are so many to choose from, you’ll enjoy them all. There are lists to help you get organized. You’ll also find DIY projects. Print a quote or a wall art image and frame it for your mantel, hang it on your wall or place it on an accent table. Grab these Christmas printables while they’re free. Continue reading

Monkey and Banana Costume Theme

Monkey and Banana Costume Theme for Families or Groups

Looking for a funny family group costume theme for Halloween this year? What about a monkey and banana costume theme which includes the choice of each family member being either a monkey, gorilla, Tarzan, Jane or a banana. These costumes are hilarious if you’re going to a Halloween party or event. For all the details, including prices and where to buy, see more here… Continue reading

Batman Costumes from all the Movies – for Kids and Adults

Batman Costumes from Movie and TV SeriesLet’s face it, when it comes to superheroes, Batman is the best. He wears an awesome Batsuit and he always retains his composure. Whether you’re a toddler of an adult, everyone wants to be Batman. The best thing about the Batman costumes is that they come in all sizes from babies to adults and everything in between.

And Halloween is the best excuse to become Batman. Can you resist? Don’t miss out on getting your costume this year. Batman is very popular and selling fast. Here are the details on the different Batman costumes… Continue reading

Top 5 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes – You’ll Adore Them

Cute Baby Halloween CostumesI used to love dressing my kids in cute baby Halloween costumes. And you don’t need to wait ’till Halloween to enjoy baby and toddler costumes. They can wear them any day of the week.

Not only do children love to be in costume but they also love the way adults smile at them and interact with them when they’re dressed in a precious animal or character costume.

There’s something really good about always having people respond positively to you when they see you. I think this must be a huge confidence boost from an early age. If you’re looking for a baby or toddler costume for Halloween (or for no particular reason at all) then here are five of the best. Take a look, you’ll love them. Continue reading

Wonder Woman Costume – From Infants to Girls and Teens to Women

Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman costumes are available for every age. She’s a strong character and right up there with all the other superheroes. So, it’s no wonder the Wonder Woman costume is so popular this Halloween.

Siblings can dress as superheroes to compliment each other and the Wonder Woman costume is perfect as part of a couples superhero theme. Why not get the whole family dressing as superheroes. Here are all the details on the latest and traditional Wonder Woman costumes. Continue reading

The Best Smurfs Costumes for the Entire Family

Smurfs CostumesI used to love Smurfs when I was little and now, all these years later, my kids love these blue skinned creatures. Smurfette was always my favorite and I cherished my little Smurfette plastic toy. Since I played with that toy so much I’m surprised it didn’t get lost. I actually still have it all these years later. It’s no wonder we all love Smurfs Costumes for Halloween. They’re a fun way to enjoy Halloween. If you’re keen to dress as a Smurf, here are the details you need.
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Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Adults and Kids

Beauty and the Beast CostumesThe advantage of Beauty and the Beast is you can dress the whole family in this theme or it’s especially good for couples. Of course, you can also go solo with one of the Beauty and the Beast costumes.

Just choose your favorite and you’re set. The dresses are beautiful for girls and women and the Beast costumes are very impressive, whether you want to dress a man or a toddler. Continue reading

Despicable Me Costumes – Gru, Minions, Kevin, Dave, Stuart and Agnes…

Despicable Me costumesDespicable Me costumes are hot this year. The thing I love best about them is that couples can dress in complementary outfits and they’re also perfect for families where you need lots of different costumes for everyone, including the dog.

If you’re buying Despicable Me costumes for a group you’ll need to get in early. As mentioned, these are very popular costumes and they’re selling fast. Sizes are available for adults and kids so hop online and find what you need, including accessories. Here are all the details you need about the characters and their costumes. Continue reading

Shabby Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Centerpiece and Beyond

Shabby chic Halloween decorations can be used to make a magnificent centerpiece. And remember your centerpiece will not only look great in the middle of your table but it can also look really good at the back of a buffet table. Also you might want to position these items on your mantel. And what about that table in your entry way? The ideas are endless. So long as you put these decorations together the right way, your display could look fantastic in multiple places around your home this Halloween. Continue reading

Shabby Chic White Halloween Décor | Amazing White Decorations, Tips & Ideas

It goes without saying, if you want to do something amazing for Halloween, you need to do something different from everyone else. My kids love all the orange pumpkins and black spiders but I do get tired of the usual. For something different try shabby chic white Halloween décor.

By using the color white with different textures you can create an amazing scene in your home and on the porch. Your friends and family are sure to be impressed. Here are some ideas and pictures to get you started.  Continue reading

Emoji Costumes including those from the Movie – Kids and Adults

Emoji costumes for kids and adultsThe Emoji Movie was very popular this year. And, of course, kids and adults are keen to get the Emoji costumes this Halloween. If you need a costume for your favorite Emoji character you can make it yourself or there are premade costumes now available online. Here are more details about Emoji costumes including the ones from the Emoji Movie… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Justice League Costumes from the Movie

Justice League CostumesIf you’re looking for a group costume theme this Halloween, Justice League costumes are a great idea. There are enough costumes to let everyone in the group have their own character.

Of course, Justice League is one of those themes where you can choose one character or many. You could have siblings of different ages each dress as their favorite Justice League character. Then the biggest decision of all is whether mom and dad also choose to join the League too. Continue reading

Lego Ninjago Costumes for Kids – Get the Best – Don’t Forget Accessories!

Lego Ninjago CostumesIf you child is into LEGO, there’s a good chance they like LEGO Ninjago. Before my sons started watching the TV show and asking for the Ninjago LEGO sets, I’d never heard of it. Now I know all the characters and the story line. LEGO Ninjago costumes are very popular and in high demand around Halloween time.

I’ve found that some of the younger kids who love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles move on to LEGO Ninjago costumes because they still like the ninja theme and accessories.

If you need details on the characters and costumes, here it is. A word of warning, don’t get your LEGO Ninjago characters confused with the LEGO Nexo Knights characters. The costumes can look a bit similar but if you buy the wrong one, your child will know straight away. Avoid disappointment and choose the best LEGO Ninjago costumes. Here’s the info you need… Continue reading