Marvel Costumes for Men, Women, Kids & Pets – See the Best

Marvel costumes are some of the best choices for Halloween and parties. There’s a Marvel superhero for everyone. And they make a great group theme. We’re going to take a look at the best costumes for men, women, girls, boys and pets. 

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Some of the most beloved superheroes come from the Marvel universe, so it’s no surprise that these Halloween costumes are very popular.

Here we cover the following Marvel costumes:

  • Hawkeye
  • Iron Man
  • Black Widow
  • Thor
  • Wasp
  • Captain America

⭐ Hawkeye Costume

Hawkeye made his first appearance in the 60s as a reluctant villain with the Marvel circle.

In his fourth appearance, he ended up joining the Avengers. After his parents died, he and his brother spent time working at a carnival, where Hawkeye was trained to become the archer that he is today.

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Marvel costumes are available in adult and kids sizes.

This Hawkeye costume for adults (image above) is a black and dark red Jacket with shirt front and pants with attached boot tops.

No accessories come with the costume. You can buy Hawkeye’s gauntlet separately, click here. See the picture on the right of the gauntlet which fits on your left hand.

And if you want a bow and arrow with quiver, this kids toy is perfect as a costume prop for either adults or kids (see the image below).

⭐ Hawkeye Costume for Kids

If you’re looking for the kids’ Hawkeye costume, it is very similar in appearance to the adult version.

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This costume comes in two pieces. The jacket with attached shirt front is one piece and the other piece is the pants with the attached boot covers.

If you’re unsure on size then it helps to have separate pieces so you can adjust the pants if you need to. While no one wants to have to do extra adjustments on a costume, I know from experience that it is often needed with kids.

Similarly to the adult version, this kids’ Hawkeye costume is black and dark red. The bow and arrow does not come with the costume. But if you want one of the best Marvel costumes for accessories, then Hawkeye has them. If you want the accessories you can buy them separately (see images below of accessories for children).

Click on one of the images above to see the prices.

⭐ Iron Man Costume

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Another one of the most popular Marvel costumes is Iron Man’s suit. Tony Stark is a millionaire playboy who created a high-powered suit after suffering a chest injury that almost killed him.  The suit has flying capabilities, has a regenerative life force, and gives him superhuman strength.

This adult Iron Man costume (pictured above) is a padded jumpsuit to give it a muscular look.  It’s designed to look like Iron Man’s suit in the latest Avengers movie, Avengers Infinity War. A matching face mask is included and the boot covers are part of the jumpsuit.

Need the Iron Man gloves? Here is the adult size set of gloves.

They look good with all Iron Man Marvel costumes.

The gloves are probably the only extra accessory you need so, if you remember, order them online at the same time as your costume.

⭐ Iron Man Costume for Kids

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Here is the Iron Man costumes for children. It is the version from the Avengers Infinity War movie. The costume is a jumpsuit in the classic red and yellow of Iron Man’s suit. This is the Deluxe version of the costume which comes with padding, attached shoe covers and the mask included.

If you’re dressing as Iron Man, you really need the gloves.

Here are the children’s Iron Man gloves in a 3D authentic product.

This is an electronic product where one of the gloves lights up and has sounds. It is motion activated. Kids love these Iron Man gloves.

The other glove matches the first one but is not electronic. The glove that lights up and has sounds takes one AAA battery. It comes with a demo battery but you’ll probably want to have one handy because when your child first gets these they are going to get a lot of use.

⭐ Black Widow Marvel Costume

There’s also a popular female Marvel costume. When Black Widow was first introduced, she was a Russian spy and an enemy of Iron Man’s.

She soon turned good and became a member of the Avengers as well as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Her costume is a simple black jumpsuit that comes with attached knee pads, belt, gauntlets and boot covers.

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If you want accessories you really can’t go past the Black Widow light up Batons.

These are like the ones she uses in the movie.

The batons are about a foot long and can be used by adults or kids as part of their costume.

The Black Widow batons take AAA batteries.

⭐ Black Widow Kids Costume

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This kids costume is a black jumpsuit with attached belt, gauntlets and boot tops. You can pair it with red or blond hair depending on which movie is your favorite with Black Widow.

In the earlier Avengers movies she had either curly or straight red hair and in the latest Avengers Infinity War she has blond hair.

You can either style your own hair or wear a Black Widow wig. Click here to see the kids red haired Black Widow wig. If you prefer the blond hair style, take a look at this wig online.

⭐ Thor Costume

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If you’re looking for a hero with superhuman strength, then Thor is a great choice.

He’s the god of thunder and is known for his enchanted hammer Mjolnir. It’s the hammer that gives Thor the ability to change the weather and fly along with his other powers.

This Thor costume comes with a lot of padding in the arms and chest to look like his muscled physique. It consists of the costume shirt, pants with attached boot-tops and cape with medallions.

Thor’s famous hammer is not included with the costume. If you need to buy the hammer, take a look here to get it online.

And if you want Thor’s Stormbreaker hammer/axe from the movie Avengers Infinity War, take a look at this one online.

Others may also be sold with a blond wig but this accessory doesn’t come with all of them.

⭐ Thor Costume for Kids

Here are two of the children’s versions of the Thor costume. The costume on the left is from the Movie Thor: Ragnarok and the one on the right is from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron.

So, as you can see they both come with Thor’s red cape.

The Thor: Ragnarok costume comes with the Thor padded costume shirt, pants with attached boot-tops, cape with medallions, and headpiece. It does not include Thor’s hammer.

The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron costume includes a filled muscle chest top, pants with attached boot tops and cape. It does not come with the wig or hammer.

For the extra accessories take a look here…

This is a good looking prop of Thor’s hammer to go with the

⭐ Thor Costume for Kids from Avengers Infinity War

If you’re looking for the Thor kids costume from Avengers Infinity War it is shown here.

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So, this Thor costumer includes a padded costume top with attached gauntlets, and elastic-waist pants with attached boot tops. The padded arms give your child a much stronger appearance.

If you’re looking for accessories from the Avengers Infinity War movie then you’ll be wanting the new Thor hammer. It’s the Stormbreaker hammer/axe that is new in the movie.

⭐ Wasp Marvel Costumes

If you want to go as a great female superhero, the Wasp is unique and fun. She’s another character who was first depicted as a villain, but now teams up with Ant Man.

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The Wasp costume is a blue and gold jumpsuit with attachable wings. This costume above includes the jumpsuit, attached boot tops and the mask. If you want the wings to go with your Wasp costumer you’ll need to buy them separately.

Here is the girls’ costume of Wasp.

This Wasp costume for kids comes with the deluxe padded costume jumpsuit with boot covers and mask.

You’ll need to buy the wings separately, if you want them. The wings mentioned above can be used by adults or kids.


⭐ Captain America Costume

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Captain America is another popular choice for people looking for superhero costumes.

Steve Rogers was scrawny and frail until he was injected with a serum to bulk him up. Near the end of World War II, he was trapped in ice and wasn’t brought out until present day.

Captain America’s costume is designed with the red, white, and blue flag of America, along with its stars and stripes. Some come with a mask, but most of them don’t come with the famous shield. If you need to get the Captain America shield, take a look at this one, click here.

⭐ Marvel Costumes for Pets

If you’re looking to include your pet in Halloween celebrations then you’ll love these Marvel costumes. They really are created to look like a regular superhero!

Most of them fit well but be sure to read about the sizing in the description to be sure. You can click each image to see more details on each pet costume. There are lots to chose from, take a look at the pictures below, which are all clickable.


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