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Witch Decorations for HalloweenNeed to decorate your porch this Halloween? What about some scary Halloween witch decorations? There are witch props that talk, move and glow. You can get life-size witch decorations or ones that fit in your window. It’s time to scare the trick or treaters!

My kids really love our talking witch prop, so it can’t be too scary! But it makes a great addition to our Halloween decor. And it’s a big hit with all the visiting kids. Get yourself a witch this Halloween. I think you’ll love it.

There are witch decorations that stand, others that hang and even the “witch that crashed into the tree” decoration. Take a look at some of the best and then decide on what you need. If you are putting your witch on a veranda or inside the house, you have more options because a lot of the battery operated witches are not good at withstanding a downpour.

You can add extra accessories like a broom, potion bottles, a black cat or other spooky objects to your witch to add atmosphere. Will you make a whole scene around your witch? Don’t forget her witch’s cauldron.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Halloween witch decorations…

Hanging Witch Decoration

Hanging Talking Witch with Red Eyes

Witch Decorations

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This might just be my favorite witch. She’s very popular with the kids. You’ll find she’s life-size but this is mostly because of her clothes hanging down. This is clever because it keeps the price down but she still looks impressive.

This witch decoration is 71″ tall when hanging. At almost 6 feet tall she is quite life like. You can pose her arms is different positions. She is battery operated and requires 2 “AA” batteries.

She has sound or touch-activated sayings and noises. Her eyes flash red as well.

This witch prop is constructed from polyester, plastic, metal and latex. Her speech includes “Beware…ah haaa…aaa”, “Boo!” and “You’re not scared, are you?”

You will need somewhere to hang this witch. Standing is not an option because, as I mentioned, she doesn’t have a body. She hangs up and the fabric of her clothes create the illusion of her body.

Your best spot is probably a front porch. You could hang this witch from a tree but she will not withstand outdoor weather conditions so you’d need to keep a close eye on her and take her down if there’s rain or strong winds. She should be fine under cover of the porch.

If you’re having a Halloween party this witch could be used inside. Just make sure you have somewhere to hang to top part from a beam or similar.

One of the best things about witch decorations that hang is that they are usually collapsible for easy storage. This prop packs up nicely to store for next Halloween.

Witch Decorations

Witch Hanging on a Broom

Witch Decorations

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If you’re looking for flying witch decorations, this one is for you. This witch is on a 40″ broom. The length of the broom should give you some idea about the size of the witch.

She is not life-size. She’s a smaller witch. The dimensions are L40″ x W32″ x T10″.

This green faced witch requires 2 “AA” batteries. Her eyes light up and she makes laughing sounds.

Once again, this a not a standing witch. You’ll need to hang it up somewhere. Your porch would be perfect.

Standing Witch Decorations

This next witch is a high quality prop. She stands on her own, although some people have found that she can blow over in the wind so you may need to weigh her down to avoid this happening at your place.

Standing Witch Animated

Halloween Witch Decorations

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You get good bang for your buck with this witch. Standing witch decorations can be quite expensive. This standing witch is still an affordable price, yet the quality is high.

She is battery operated with 3 “AA” batteries. She is sound/clap activated and says several phrases. Her eyes light up too. She stands 72 inches tall and is 18″ wide and 12″ deep.

The broom is removable but it makes a great prop so I can’t see any reason for not wanting it.

As mentioned, she is good value for money at this price. But some people have found they would like her clothes to be fuller to give her a bigger look. You can do this by draping her with some extra fabric or adding a cloak.

This standing witch decoration is one that’ll become a tradition at your house every year. She’s quite a character, lots of fun and a little bit scary.

Standing Witch with Red Apple

Witch Decorations for Halloween

This witch is more scary than the previous one. This is another standing witch that gives you good bang for your buck. She stands on her own and she’s life sized.

You’ll like her eyes that flash red and she speaks with a scary witch voice. This witch requires 2 “AA” batteries to operate.

This Halloween witch prop comes with the red apple. If you want a broom for her, take a look at the Witch Broom section below.

The close up photo below gives you a clearer picture of the detail on this witch. Her face is scary. If you have young children the standing witch above holding the broom might be a better choice because she’s not quite so scary. But if you want scary, this is the perfect witch for you.

Witch Decorations Close Up

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Crashing Witch Decoration

Wilma Wipeout Witch

Witch Decorations for Halloween

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This is a better quality “crashing witch decoration”. Some of the other tree witches are cheaper but they don’t look as good.

This one is cute. It will will look outstanding on a tree in your front yard.

Your tree should be at least two feet in diameter for Wilma Witch’s arms to go around. But you don’t have to use this on a tree.

You can attach this witch to the side of a house or the post of your veranda, if you’re prepared to use some extra items to tie her around a smaller diameter pole.

So, the larger tree is the perfect position for this witch but if you’re looking for witch decorations for the house, you could still try this one.

Witch Window Decoration

Tapping Witch Window Peeper

Witch Decorations for the Window

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This window witch really taps on your window. She’s battery operated  by 3 “AAA” batteries and she’s big enough to be seen clearly, but small enough to fit in your window. She peeps out and scares people with her movement.

There are two modes for this witch. You can set her to motion detection mode and she will tap on the glass 3 times when activated. If you set her to auto mode, she’ll tap the glass 3 times every 10 seconds.

This window witch is high quality. You’ll love the realistic latex rubber face and hands. The detail is very good. Her eyes are shiny and realistic too.

This witch does not light up. However, if you need her to be clearer in your window at night, you could always shine a desk lamp towards her or hang some LED string lights around the edge. Choose a color like purple or green and this will add to the witch theme.

If you’re holding a Halloween party you could put this witch on the outside of a side window and have her look inside and tap on the glass at the guests.

She’s very creepy the way she taps on the glass. You’ll love this tapping witch peeper and the kids are sure to get a fright when she starts tapping at them.

Witch Accessories


Witch Decorations

Buy this cauldron online. Click here to see the price.

Don’t forget your witch’s cauldron. She’ll feel lost without it. The cauldron shown above is a 16-inch plastic cauldron.

It also comes in the 8-inch size or a 12-inch. If you want an extra large one you can get it in a 4-pack of cauldrons where the largest size is 22-inch in diameter.

If you buy a 4-pack of cauldrons, the smaller ones always look good on a table or mantel along with other Halloween decorations.


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