Halloween Skeleton Decorations – Get the Best Tips & Tricks for 2017

Halloween Skeleton DecorationsSkeletons are essential for Halloween. If you haven’t used Halloween skeleton decorations at your place before, here are the best tips and tricks to make your props look awesome.

Even if you have used them before, you might want to upgrade your Halloween skeletons to bigger and better ones. No one ever seems to have enough skeleton decorations when it comes to Halloween. They can go on the roof, in a haunted house, creeping out of the trees, just about anywhere you can think of. Here are some of the best ideas for using skeletons…

At our place we like to put skeletons outside. Our witches, black cats and cauldron go inside while our skeletons and other ghouls are out in the front yard.

Skeletons always look good on the roof but they can be hard to put in place. Another idea is to put a skeleton up a tree with dog skeletons at the bottom chasing it up the tree. This can look really cute.

I adore these scenes where you have a skeleton with three dogs or other animals. They’re really cute.

There are so many different ways to arrange them. A combination of animals can look really good.

Do you have a lawn in your front yard?

Arrange some animal skeletons chasing your posable skeleton for some fun action. This looks great at night with a spotlight highlighting your display.

Also here is an example of three dog skeletons on leads. I want to set this one up myself. Looks fantastic.

If you’re looking for Halloween dogs, you’ll find a range of them here.

They start at around $13 and go up from there, depending on what size and features you need for your Halloween skeleton decorations.

Halloween Dog Skeleton

The great thing about animal skeleton decorations is that you can start with one or two and then keep adding to your collection each year.

This is particularly true with Halloween dog skeleton decorations. One looks great but a pack of dogs looks even better.

Halloween Cat Skeleton

If you have a rocking chair on your porch, put a skeleton sitting with a throw across her lap and a skeleton cat sitting on her lap.

Hopefully you have a posable skeleton and then you can put her hand across like she’s petting the cat.

Here are some cats to choose from. 

Halloween cat skeleton decorations are great on their own. They also look good paired up with bird skeletons like an owl or raven.

When you’re choosing Halloween skeleton decorations, another good pairing for cat skeletons is with skeleton rats or mice. So many ideas come to mind!

Halloween Bird Skeleton – Vulture, Owl, Raven, Parrot

These bird skeletons look great indoors or out.

They can be used at a buffet table as part of your Halloween skeleton decorations or as part of a mantel display.

I used to only think about using Ravens and Crows at Halloween. But you can use several different birds for really good effect.

And, of course, if you do a skeleton pirate theme for Halloween then parrot skeletons are essential.

You can also get a bird skeleton in a cage.

This is a fantastic prop for a haunted house.

With spider webs and eerie lighting the bird cage really adds to the scene.



Have you thought about a black bird skeleton? You’ll love a couple black ravens on your mantel or at the front door. They are more sophisticated looking Halloween skeleton decorations. You can buy raven skeletons in small or medium size. There are other black bird skeletons like vultures too, see here.

Halloween Rat and Mice Skeletons

These mice skeletons are the cutest of all the small animal skeletons. They can sit up on your buffet and even help themselves to some cheese! These are perfect for Halloween skeleton decorations in a smaller space.

For an excellent price on mouse and rat skeletons, click here.

If you’re using these Halloween skeletons outside, you might want to go with the rat skeleton because it’s bigger.

Other Halloween Skeletons – Bat, Fish, Frog, Spider

With so many Halloween skeletons to choose from, you can really let your imagination go to town. This time of the year you can plan anything from outdoor Halloween skeleton decorations to bathroom decor with skeletons. What about a fish skeleton in the bathroom? Or a frog?

Bat skeletons look great anywhere, up the staircase, on the porch, around your fireplace, in haunted houses, just about anywhere. Of course, having more than one bat skeleton is always a good idea.

Halloween Skeleton Decorations

These bats are very cheap (see price here) so you can buy lots of them and really make a scene with them.

Best Choice – Halloween Skeleton Props – Life Size and Posable

Are you having a Halloween party? Don’t forget to decorate the bathroom. What about a skeleton in the bath with props? This is always a good surprise for your guests.

Posable Skeleton

If you want life-size skeletons for your house, try to extend your budget to get posable skeletons. They’re lots more fun. You can put them in different positions and get them to hold without the need for strings and wire.

⇒ For high quality posable skeletons, see more details here.

This Halloween skeleton prop (below) is amazing. He is one of the most popular life-size skeletons available. So many people have had lots of fun with this one. You can place him in a hidden spot or outside in the front yard. Just don’t scare your family too much with this one because he is 5 feet tall and looks very realistic because he can sit by himself or stand (as long as he’s leaning against a wall or tree).

Halloween Life Size 5 foot skeleton

⇒ For a great price on this Life-Size Posable Skeleton, click here.

If you’re looking for high quality Halloween skeleton decorations, this is for you.

This is a high quality posable skeleton. There are no wires. He has posable limbs with knees that lock into place. He is made from all weather plastic so he’s great for outdoors.

Life size skeleton

As you can see, this guy stands on his own, if he’s leaning against something like a tree.

Look at him there, so casual!

Also, his jaw is movable for different expressions!

Once you buy one of these Halloween posable skeletons, you’ll be wishing you had more. They’re so much fun to place in spooky places. Don’t forget to use spotlights or colored string lights for outside spookiness.


High quality life-size posable skeletons are essential for your Halloween skeleton decorations this year, but they are not cheap (click here for price).

But if you can afford it, place several skeletons over the walls or roof of your house.

It looks amazing. A little bit creepy, and a little bit mischievous! And lots of fun.





Here are 7 Tips for the Best Halloween Outdoor Lights. Use these tips to make your skeletons spookier this Halloween.

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