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Halloween Outdoor LightsIf you want the best Halloween outdoor lights this year, here are 7 tips you’ll really appreciate. See how to create spooky Halloween lighting ideas for your house and front yard. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a mysterious effect. Here are the best ideas to get bang for your buck. These are tips the whole family can get involved with.

When I first start planning for Halloween outdoor lights I choose my power source for each area of my display. Sure, this sounds simple, but bear with me because it’s important for your display.

So for the porch we have easy access to an electric power socket which is handy for the lights. For the windows I choose battery operated LED lights. And out in the yard I make sure everything is solar power.

Halloween lighting ideasThis sounds easy but if you don’t plan it, you’ll end up buying solar power string lights to place on the inside of your windows where they can’t get access to sunlight because of the eaves and they’ll never work.

I know several families who like to decorate their roof with Halloween outdoor lights.

Personally I’m not a big fan of climbing up ladders so we don’t usually do this but if you’re up for it, the effect really looks good.

Some people use solar on their roof and others use lights that need to plug in to electricity. You need to plan ahead and choose your power source.

Next I choose a color scheme. This is pretty obvious. Orange for pumpkins, red for gore and so on. If you’re ordering online, plan ahead so you have enough lights in each color.

Then I pull out all the Halloween decorations from last year and see what fits this year’s design. The children love it. They get so excited when we pull out all the Halloween things. And then when we order the new items online they love it as all the items arrive piece by piece.

Where to start with Halloween lighting ideas

The most important part of planning your Halloween outdoor lights is to choose one area as your focus. This could be the porch, the front yard or maybe your front fence. You could even choose your roof if you’re feeling adventurous and you’ve got a good sturdy ladder.

Your primary focus should be your largest display. Is it a scene? Is it one group of Halloween props all the same color? This is up to you, so get creative.

You can choose a second place for a completely different display. For example if you have a graveyard scene in your front yard with red lights representing blood you could set up some sort of toxic radioactive scene on your porch with green lights for the poisonous area.

Another suggestion would be a pumpkin scene with orange lights in your window shining out the front of your house. Then your second display could be completely separate, down in your yard, being a witch scene with blue and purple lights with black cats and bats.

Halloween is such a creative time of the year. I love getting the children involved. By thinking about Halloween lighting ideas they actually develop new skills. It’s wonderful to see their creativity at work. And sometimes they have to be little lighting engineers to figure out how the lights will work in the places they want to put them. So much fun.

Here are the 7 Tips for Halloween Outdoor Lights

1. Remember to Light the Outside from the Inside

When you want to light your front yard, remember to include standout lights on the inside of your windows. These obviously don’t need to be outdoor lights. The best ones are usually battery operated LED lights.

These indoor lights are usually inexpensive but have a big impact on your Halloween decorations inside and out.

Place light powered pumpkins facing out the window or for a more spooky effect, buy eerie eyeball lights that peer out your window panes.

There are cobwebs with lights highlighting the spiders and web (see below). These are great for windows and glass doors so they can be seen outside.

Halloween outdoor lights

2. Cluster for More Impact

When you keep the same color lights together they make more impact for your Halloween outdoor lights. This tip doesn’t apply for other times of the year like Christmas because we like to mix red and green together to create the Christmas atmosphere. But for Halloween you really need to keep your colors together.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean you should only use one color for Halloween. Just keep one color of lights together in one area and then use another color of lights in a separate area.

So, if you’re setting up a zombie scene in your front yard, your red lights can be used to represent blood in that area.

Halloween outdoor lightsIf you want to use green lights, these can be clustered together to represent radioactive poison or a bubbling witch cauldron.

Just don’t use the red and the green lights together – that’s when you’ll look all Christmassy!

By clustering your lights together in each scene your displays will look more professional.

3. Mix lighted objects with non-lighted objects for spooky effects

The best Halloween lighting ideas include non-lighted props. When you include Halloween objects that do not light up, they are seen in the shadows of the light cast by the lighted Halloween props. This creates a mysterious effect.

If all your Halloween items are lighted then there’s no mystery about them. To get the eerie atmosphere of Halloween there needs to be something lurking in the shadows.

Furthermore, you may want to use glow in the dark items as part of your Halloween outdoor lights display. Glow in the dark items don’t require batteries and you can use them anywhere.

Ghost props look especially good when they glow in the dark. Glow in the dark objects complement any Halloween lighting display.

Halloween lighting ideas

4. Pay Attention to Forgotten Places

Halloween outdoor lightsIt’s easy to use Halloween lighting ideas in the middle of your yard but they’re much more mysterious if you use every nook and cranny in your garden.

When you’re using lights pay attention to the edges of paths, up trees, on the gate, across the top of the fence, the porch railings, the front door, window sills, edge of the driveway and lots more.

Do you have a water feature in your yard? By using colored lights in this area, along with Halloween props, you can get great effects.

5. A Projector Light Gives Best Bang for Your Buck

Halloween outdoor lightsHave you seen what these projector lights can do? One Halloween projector light can light up your whole house without having to string a single light anywhere.

Place the project in front of your house and, depending on the size of the light you buy, it will cover your house in Halloween images.

Some houses need 2 or 3 projector lights to really look good. This is such an easy Halloween lighting idea. When you consider how many strings of lights are needed to cover your house, you’ll begin to realize how cheap these projector lights really are.

I like to use one or two projector lights as well as LED lights on our house. But if you’re really short on time, just buy the project lights and you’ll be ready for Halloween.

6. Ordinary Spotlights in the Right Position Make Everything Spookier

Halloween outdoor lightsUse a portable spotlight for backlighting objects. You can backlight a tree or a Halloween prop. If you place an orange filter across the spotlight it works even better.

Another idea for your spotlight is to create a shadow on the wall of your house.

By creating shadows you can create spook effects very easily and cheaply. Place a Halloween prop in front of a spotlight. Make sure the spotlight is on the ground pointing up at the prop and get the light to fall on a wall behind the prop. This distorts the shape of the Halloween prop and makes it more mysterious.

Halloween lighting ideas

7. Repurpose specific Christmas lights for Halloween

Obviously you don’t want to be using red and green lights for Halloween, you’ll really confuse your neighbors.

But if you own other color outdoor lights they can be repurposed for Halloween.

For example, if you already own purple lights you could light up all the branches in one of your trees and create a purple tree which looks great for Halloween. You could add light up bats and other creatures hanging from the branches too.

If you have blue lights these can create mystery with black props like witches, black cats, grim reapers, tombstones and plenty of other Halloween items.

Even white string lights can be used by placing them inside an orange glass jar to give an orange glow. There are lots of ways of using what you already have for Halloween lighting ideas.

Halloween lights

Halloween outdoor lights are one of the best ways to enjoy this time of the year. You get to share you creation with friends and neighbors and everyone in the family gets to participate. Use the Halloween lighting ideas you already have and tweak them a little to make the overall effect even better.

These 7 tips are just the beginning. Once you incorporate props into your Halloween outdoor lights display it gets even spookier. Explore Halloween lighting ideas that create mysterious ambience and you’ll have the best Halloween display in the street.

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