Best Gifts for Dog Lovers – the Ultimate Gift Guide for Any Occasion

Best Gifts for Dog LoversIf you’re looking for dog themed gifts, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found the best gifts for dog lovers for any occasion. Presents for birthdays, Christmas, the holiday season, neighbor gifts, anniversaries, house warming, going-to-college gifts, mothers day gifts, coworkers gifts and more. Or feel free to treat yourself with a gift, just to enjoy the day and feel more happiness in your life. Don’t miss out on these unique gift ideas…

Willow Tree Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Willow Tree sculptures speak to your emotions. The original sculpture is created and hand carved by Susan Lordi in her studio in Kansas City and the final sculpture is then cast in resin and hand painted. This means you get a beautiful meaningful piece without having to pay hundreds of dollars.

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The Willow Tree sculptures are defined by sentiments such as “friendship”, “kindness” or “affection” but you can choose them by theme too. For example, if you’re looking for gifts for dog lovers then you could choose a dog theme sculpture.

There are also Willow Tree sculptures featuring cats or birds so if you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover there are lots to choose from.

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Gifts for Dachshund Dog Lovers

Watercolor Dachshund Black and Tan Tote Bag
Black and Brown Dachshund Creme Cosmetic Bag
Dachshund Silhouette Faux Linen Style iPhone 8/7 Case
Cute Long Haired Dachshund Puppy Coffee Mug


Gifts above from left to right: tote bag, cosmetics bag, phone case, mug.

If you’re a doxie lover then you’ll find lots of adorable gifts. Some of them are so cute you’ll want to buy them for yourself (I know this from experience!). Whether you like smooth coat, long haired, miniature or a particular color of Dachshund, you’ll find the perfect gift with these ideas.

I love Dachshunds for their adorable faces and their ferocious bark – what a combination! If you’re having trouble deciding on one gift you can always choose two ore more products that compliment each other. They can be given as a gift set, like a duvet cover and matching throw pillows. Alternatively, you can give two completely different items like a phone case and a coffee mug but they could have matching images on them.

Bedroom decor gifts?

What about a gift for the bedroom for a doxie fan? This duvet cover (see image below) is on trend in modern colors and you can buy the matching rectangle pillows (click image below for details). These pillows are soft enough to sleep on and include a faux down pillow insert. If you want to see the matching throw pillow, click here to see more.

Dachshund Duvet Cover Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dachshund Rectangle Pillow Gifts for Dog Lovers

What about a scarf? With this cute Dachshund design it’s perfect for a dog lover. The design comes in other colors too. You can choose a black, black and tan, brown, red or multicolor doxie for your scarf!

Gifts for German Shepherd Parents

German Shepherd T-Shirt


There are so many good gifts for German Shepherd Moms and Dads. The German Shepherd dog art t-shirt above is available in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes. The t-shirt shown above is the black option. You can also get it in a white background, with short or long sleeves, as a hoodie, as a polo shirt with a small image, t-shirt with raglan sleeve or as a tank top. There are so many choices. Click here to see all the color and style options with this German Shepherd design.

German Shepherd Dog Silhouette Golf Balls

German Shepherd Dog Silhouette Custom Doormat

German Shepherd Mom Hoodie

German Shepherd Fleece Blanket




Gifts above left to right: Whether you like to give golf balls as a gift, or a personalized door mat, a German Shepherd Mom hoodie (also available in t-shirt), or a fleece blanket (available in 3 sizes), your present will be appreciated by a dog lover.

These are stylish presents and there are lots of options available. If you still can’t find anything you like then take a look lower on the page for product ideas rather than dog breed categories…scroll down…

Gifts for Labrador Dog Lovers

Best gifts for dog lovers labrador


Above: this very popular Labrador Watercolor Art Print comes in a variety of different products like phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, mugs, laptop sleeves and more. Click here to see all the items available – they make a perfect gift for a Labrador lover.

Labradors are so distinct in their silhouette. If you know a Labrador dog lover then it’s easy to get them a gift. To be honest, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like a Labrador. They really are adorable dogs.

The LabFather! Especially for Labrador Fathers! T-Shirt

 Click the image above for more details in this Labrador Dad T-shirt. You can get it in a hoodie or sweatshirt or tank top if you prefer.

Best gifts for dog lovers labrador phone case



Above: this yellow Labrador phone case is available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Click here to see more details and check today’s price. This Labrador design is also available as a travel mug, laptop sleeve, throw pillows, wall clock, canvas print, framed art print, stationery cards and the list goes on. Take a look at the link to see what you like.

Gifts for Chihuahua Dog Lovers

This is an adorable bracelet for a Chihuahua lover. The bracelet is approximately 8-inch and the charm is about 1-inch wide. The bracelet is bold and stands out.

You can choose your favorite dog breed since there are several to choose from.

The bracelet comes with a high quality gift box so there’s no need to wrap if you don’t want to. This is an adorable present for a dog lover.

Don’t you love this Chihuahua art print shirt? I do. So colorful. You can get different color t-shirts with this design. Click the link to see more details and all the choices you’ll get. Great present for a Chihuahua dog lover.

This Chihuahua Princess phone case is simply adorable. Perfect present for a Chihuahua dog mom. Or grab it as a gift for yourself – spoil yourself! This phone case is sure to stand out – quite the conversation starter. Great gift idea for any Chihuahua dog lover. It’s available for iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy phones.

Gifts for Pomeranian Parents

This Pomeranian phone case is available for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models. Click the image to see more details on availability. Cute gift idea for a Pomeranian dog mom or a dog loving teenager. Anyone who loves these adorable dogs will love receiving one of these phone cases.

Cute cartoon Pomeranian phone case for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and more. Check the models available at the link above. Perfect Pomeranian parent present!

I love this t-shirt. It’s available in different colors, sizes and styles. Get it in a hoodie or sweatshirt too. There are long sleeve t-shirts in this as well. With so many to choose from you’ll probably want to get more than one!

Beagle Themed Gifts

This colorful Beagle v-neck t-shirt above can be customized by changing the style and color to whatever you like best. You can choose a long sleeve t-shirt or a hoodie or sweatshirt. It’s also available in women’s and men’s styles.

This Beagle Dog Cartoon Coffee Mug is high quality. It’s the perfect gift being both practical and a cute design. Great for any Beagle parents.  Click the link to check today’s price.

What about a travel mug?

These travel mugs make great gifts for coffee drinkers who are rushed in the morning. This travel mug (below) is stainless steel with double-walled construction for keeping your beverage hot. The cute Beagle artwork will make you happy every time you look at it.

Boston Terrier Themed Gifts

This Boston Terrier phone case above is available for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy devices. Click the image to see more details on phone models available. This is an adorable phone case for a Boston Terrier dog lover.

Cute gift idea, Boston Terrier Post-it Notes. Use as a gift for a coworker or as a stocking stuffer for a Boston Terrier dog parent. Useful and adorable little gift.

Boston Terrier vintage style t-shirt. Click the image to see other colors, styles or choose a sweat shirt or hoodie. These shirts are available for men or women. Great gift idea for a Boston Terrier dog lover.

French Bulldog Gift Ideas

T-shirts are such a popular gift idea because they’re both practical and good-looking. Choose a cute t-shirt with your favorite dog art and you can’t go wrong!

I'm a Frenchie Girl #1 T-Shirt

Best gifts for dog lovers french bulldog bag

Above image: this adorable French Bulldog tote bag is available in 3 sizes and is a high quality product hand-sewn in the USA.

Best gifts for dog lovers frenchie mug

Image above: this is the cutest mug for a Frenchie owner. Adorable and amusing French Bulldog wit!

Tote Bags for Dog Lovers

Tote bags are such a good gift idea because they’re both practical and stylish. If you find the right design for a dog lover it will be the best tote bag they’ve ever received. There are so many cute dog art designs available you’ll probably be tempted to grab a couple bags yourself!

Best gifts for dog lovers dalmation bag

Above: this cute Dalmation bag is perfect for a dog lover.

If you’re giving a present to a friend or family member who has multiple breeds of dogs this next tote bag is the perfect gift. Or you may just want to give it because it looks so adorable with all those dogs. Either way, you’ve made a great choice.

Best gifts for dog lovers dogs bag

Above: this tote bag is complete with lots of breeds of dogs, an adorable gift.

Best gifts for dog lovers curly dog bag

Image above: this minimalist curly dog tote bag is very popular – you may need to buy two, one as a gift and one for you!

Best gifts for dog lovers corgi bag

Above image: this cute Corgi tote bag is the perfect present for a Corgi Mom.

Best gifts for dog lovers boston terrier bag

Image above: this incredibly cute Boston Terrier tote bag is ideal for any dog lover as a gift. Click the link to check Today’s Price on this bag.

Mugs for Dog Lovers

The mug below is a personalized coffee mug you can design to be exactly how you like. Choose the dog breed, color, style and your pet’s name. Click the image to see more details on how you can customize this to be the perfect gift.

Custom I Love My Doberman Dog Mug

Custom I Love My Doberman Dog Mug

by Safety4Me

Below: this Italian Greyhound coffee mug is stylish and practical, the perfect gift. You can customize the size, color and style of this mug to suit the person you’re giving it to. With so many choices it will look perfect.

This Dog Mom mug, above, is the perfect present for a dog lover. For the mom that has everything, this is the best gift idea. You can choose different colors, styles of cup, different sizes and more. Click the link to see all the details.

Home Decor Gifts for Dog Lovers

There are so many great gifts with a home decor theme. Throw pillows, ornaments, rugs and more. Choose your favorite dog breed and a color that suits your decor and you’re set.

T-shirt Gifts for Dog Lovers

Everyone uses t-shirts and that’s why they make such a great gift. Click any of the images to check size availability and color and style options. There are plenty to choose from.

French Bulldog T-shirt:

French Bulldog T-Shirt

Chihuahua lovers t-shirt (you can choose men’s or women’s and different sizes):
Best gifts for dog lovers chihuahua tshirt

Funny t-shirts make good gifts for dog lovers (comes in men’s or women’s shirts):

HELLO YES THIS IS DOG telephone phone T-Shirt

 This women’s t-shirt (above) is 100% preshrunk cotton. It’s a slim fit t-shirt and comes in various sizes, check here for more details including the price.

Mothers Day Gifts for Dog Lovers

This is a beautiful pendant and necklace set for a dog lover. It is sterling silver and the heart pendant is rose gold plated over the silver.

Click the image to see more details.

The paw pendant is lined with sparkling cubic zirconia. The 18″ chain is light weight but this suits the style of the pendants. This is a popular necklace because of its two-drop design and attention to detail.

If your Mom loves dogs then she’ll be delighted to receive one of these necklaces as a Mothers Day Gift. It comes in a good quality gift box making it easy to wrap. The necklace is adjustable in length.

All dog lovers will want one of these…

This beautiful frame with mounted paw print is perfect to place on a table at home or on a desk at work. Such a thoughtful gift.

Keep your dog’s picture close to you wherever you spend a lot of time, especially if you need to be at work during the day away from your pet.

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The air drying clay used for the paw print does not need mixing or any special treatment. It’s so easy to use and create your dog’s very own paw print. You simply leave the clay to dry for 48 hours before placing in the frame.

This frame is a very thoughtful gift and one that will be cherished for years. The frame is high quality and made from solid wood with hinges between the two frames. If you’re searching for high quality gifts for dog lovers, this is perfect. It will be perfect as a Mothers Day Gift and you’ll probably want one for yourself too.

A two-in-one gift…

This stainless steel drinking vessel can be a stemless wine glass to keep your white wine cold or a coffee cup to keep your beverage hot.

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The turquoise color looks great but you can get other colors if you prefer. Or get more than one so you can change colors to suit your mood.

The cute dog logo is perfect for dog lovers.

This is a product from Pitsford Outfitters and it’s high quality.

It’s a 12oz tumbler and it won’t sweat, even on the hottest days due to the double insulation. Great for keeping wine cool while you’re outside on a summer’s day. The cover stops spills too. And if you’re using it for coffee, you should know it doesn’t get hot to touch.

These Kitchen dish towels will look stylish in any kitchen. They coordinate with any home decor. So versatile. Good gifts for dog lovers that can be used everyday.

They’re 100% cotton and machine washable.  You’ll get a set of 3 to give together. Any dog loving Mom would love to receive these.



Has your mom rescued a dog?

Is your Mom a dog rescuer? If so, she’ll love this animal rescue keychain with the quote “Live Love Rescue”.

It’s a small but high quality gift that will be appreciated. The keychain comes in a jewelry pouch gift bag which makes it perfect as a present. You can give it in the bag as is, or wrap it as well.

This gift is so cute you’ll wish you got one for yourself as well.

This 15oz stemless wine glass is a great gift idea for your mom if she loves dogs and wine.

Stemless wine glasses are handy for everyday use when you don’t want to risk them toppling over, especially with dogs in the house!

This would also make a great gift for a friend, neighbor, coworker, wife or husband.

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Dog Lovers

These dog themed paper clips are the perfect stocking stuffer.

They can be used as bookmarks or general office supplies. Such a cute idea.

They would be perfect for coworkers if you need gifts for dog lovers at work. Don’t wait until these sell out – grab them here online for the best price.


What about socks? But not just any socks…

Dog design women’s socks are a novelty that can be added to a stocking or given on their own.

The packet of sock includes 5 pairs so you can give them together or divide them between different people. For more details and sizes, click here. These are great gifts for dog lovers that are easy to give in person or send.




More sock ideas. These are women’s casual socks. Each set includes 4 pairs of socks.

These socks are a little bit more colorful and fun, especially if you’re giving them as a holiday gift. To see sizes and designs, click here.

If you’re looking for extra stocking fillers, these make it easy. Shop online and you save yourself the time and effort of braving the stores.


I Love my Beagle Post-it Notes
These Beagle Post-It Notes are a cute stocking stuffer.
You can get other dog breeds too!

These are great for a Beagle parent or for the kids. Check today’s price here.




Have you seen these hilarious Moody Cards? If you’re looking for funny gifts for dog lovers then this hits the spot.

They are perfect to place on your desk at work and you can choose which card best reflects your current feelings.

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There are 20 cards so you’re always sure to find what you’re looking for.Use this as a stocking stuffer or a gift for a coworker. It is sure to bring smiles to everyone.


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