Cool Car Gadget Gifts – for Drivers, Parents, Teenagers

Tech Cool Car Gadget GiftsWith so many people to buy gifts for at Christmas time, I’m always looking for unusual presents for family who have everything.  If you have a son, daughter, nephew, niece, cousin or someone else in your family who has just started driving you might be interested in cool car gadget gifts. Or you might want to give these to parents of new drivers or to people who do a lot of driving.

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While many cars today are starting to include more smart technology already integrated in them, not every car has it. Does someone on your Christmas list drive? This may make the perfect gift this holiday season!

You can give someone you love the smart technology they need to use in their car, even if it wasn’t originally made with smart tech. Cool car gadget gifts are extremely useful, and also provide a wide range of safety features.

Many smart devices for cars plug into the OBD-II port, which is typically down between the pedals and the steering wheel. All vehicles made from 1996 on have an OBD-II port in them, as it’s a requirement for the car to even be able to be produced.

The OBD-II port allows devices to read important information about the car, and OBD-II readers allow you to read this information on your phone. One of the most common OBD scanners available is the Hum from Verizon.

cool car gadget gifts

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Once you plug the Hum in, you can use an app on your phone to view information such as top speed, fuel mileage, and health reports about your car. The Hum is especially good for protective parents who want to monitor their child’s car, because you can set speed and distance boundaries that, if broken, will alert you on your phone.

Now, here’s the advantage of cool car gadget gifts. For example, if your child goes over 65 on the highway, you’ll know exactly when and how fast they went at their highest speed.

The Hum will also alert you if your child is in an accident or other collision.

You can even see where the car has driven, as it maps each drive.

cool car gadget gifts

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Another great car monitor to give as a gift is the Nonda ZUS. The ZUS plugs into the cigarette lighter rather than the OBD-II port, and has a different variety of functions.

The ZUS’s main use is helping you find where you parked your car. When you turn off the engine, the ZUS transmits and logs the location using the app on your phone. So when you come back to find your car, you’ll see an arrow on your phone pointing you in the right direction.

This also tells you how far away the car is. The ZUS also acts as a USB port, so you can plug in and charge your phone. The ZUS will give you updates on car health reports, such as current battery life. It makes a great gift for car owners!

Tech car gadget gifts

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Car statistics and safety reports aren’t the only purposes of cool car gadget gifts. Entertainment is also very important to most people. There are plenty of different stereo and entertainment systems available, and with proper mounts and installation procedures, they can be installed on just about any car.

For example, Xshop sells stereos that allow you to hook up your phone through the AUX cord or Bluetooth, so you can stream your favorite songs. This is especially useful for cars that don’t have these features already built in, like most modern cars do.

Cool car gadget gifts fill in that gap when you’re looking for family presents. Lots of people love car gadgets and if you know one of them think about one of these gifts this holiday season.


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