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Shabby Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Centerpiece and Beyond

Shabby chic Halloween decorations can be used to make a magnificent centerpiece. And remember your centerpiece will not only look great in the middle of your table but it can also look really good at the back of a buffet table. Also you might want to position these items on your mantel. And what about that table in your entry way? The ideas are endless. So long as you put these decorations together the right way, your display could look fantastic in multiple places around your home this Halloween. Continue reading

Shabby Chic White Halloween Décor | Amazing White Decorations, Tips & Ideas

It goes without saying, if you want to do something amazing for Halloween, you need to do something different from everyone else. My kids love all the orange pumpkins and black spiders but I do get tired of the usual. For something different try shabby chic white Halloween décor.

By using the color white with different textures you can create an amazing scene in your home and on the porch. Your friends and family are sure to be impressed. Here are some ideas and pictures to get you started.  Continue reading

Halloween Skeleton Decorations – Get the Best Tips & Tricks for 2017

Halloween Skeleton DecorationsSkeletons are essential for Halloween. If you haven’t used Halloween skeleton decorations at your place before, here are the best tips and tricks to make your props look awesome.

Even if you have used them before, you might want to upgrade your Halloween skeletons to bigger and better ones. No one ever seems to have enough skeleton decorations when it comes to Halloween. They can go on the roof, in a haunted house, creeping out of the trees, just about anywhere you can think of. Here are some of the best ideas for using skeletons… Continue reading

The Ultimate Star Wars Candy Dish for Halloween or Birthday Parties

Star Wars Candy Dish Halloween or BirthdayLooking for an awesome Star Wars Candy Dish for Halloween or a themed Birthday Party? Here are the most popular and some of the best. The great thing about these candy dishes is that you can fill them with candy at Halloween, crackers at a BBQ, fruit for a play date or a variety of things at a birthday party. They can get lots of use throughout the year.
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7 Tips for the Best Halloween Outdoor Lights | Spookiest Halloween Lighting Ideas

Halloween Outdoor LightsIf you want the best Halloween outdoor lights this year, here are 7 tips you’ll really appreciate. See how to create spooky Halloween lighting ideas for your house and front yard. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a mysterious effect. Here are the best ideas to get bang for your buck. These are tips the whole family can get involved with.
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