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Halloween Mantel IdeasHave you ever noticed that the people who do Halloween well, always have amazing mantel decor? There are so many wonderful Halloween mantel ideas to choose from. And different color schemes too. Here are 5 easy steps to create the best Halloween mantel in your home.

I know one family who make it an art form decorating their mantel at Halloween. They change the theme and the color scheme each year.

One year it was black and silver, another time it was gray and white and sometimes they do orange. If you plan ahead you can choose your items carefully and easily search for them online.

So, this is what I do…

I decide on a color scheme first. Black and orange is an obvious one for Halloween but you don’t need to be limited by these two colors. Consider the other combinations already mentioned or make up your own color scheme.

If you have young children you may want to avoid the really scary decor ideas and use cute pumpkin pictures and decor items. If you want the really scary stuff there’s plenty of that to purchase online and you can make your Halloween mantel as scary as you like.

Here are the 5 easy steps for the best Halloween mantel ideas:

Step 1: Choose Your Color Scheme

This is really important because it allows you to pull your ideas together. Having a color scheme gives you a professional results. One way to get ideas for your colors is to look a store window displays. You can also look at store advertisements for Halloween to get great ideas for your mantel display.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Black and dark blue
  • Black and silver
  • Black and gray
  • Gray and white
  • Gray and silver
  • Gray and red
  • Orange and black
  • Orange and white
  • Orange and green
  • Orange and dark gray
  • Red and black
  • Red and dark gray

Step 2: Choose a Halloween Mantel Scarf

Halloween mantel scarves often involve cobwebs. These look great and come in different colors but you don’t need to be limited to cobwebs. If you are going for a fun look instead of scary, then choose a pumpkin theme mantel scarf.

If you have a lot of Halloween items to place on and around your mantel you could consider using a non-Halloween mantel scarf. Something with an attractive pattern on it can add color and excitement to your display without involving cobwebs. Perhaps you already have a mantel scarf in silver which you can use. Then you can add your Halloween pieces above and below your mantel scarf to give the Halloween look you’re aiming for.

Step 3: Make a List of the Halloween Items You Need

As you decide on the items you need for your display, write them down with the number required. Include a note on whether you have the item or whether you need to buy it.  For example:

  • Small Orange Plastic Pumpkins x3 (in box in attic)
  • White hanging skeletons x5 (to buy)
  • etc

Halloween mantel ideas for the color white

If you’re using white in your decor, think about using ghosts, skeletons, and white cobwebs.

Halloween mantel ideas for the color orange

Best Halloween Mantel IdeasIf you want lots of orange, pumpkins will be the obvious choice, because it is Halloween after all!

Consider, how many real pumpkins will you need? Do you want small plastic decor pumpkins to sit on your mantel?

What about pumpkin bunting?

Do you need an LED battery operated Halloween pumpkin light to add interest to your mantel?

Also consider pumpkin cutouts to stick on the wall above or beside your mantel.

Battery operated pumpkin string lights make a big impact when draped across your mantel.

Consider placing pumpkin string lights in a glass pumpkin shaped jar to make a stunning feature for your mantel. The string lights can be placed inside the glass jar with some of them hanging out over the side as well. This is a great look.

Halloween mantel ideas for the color black

If you’re using black it’s a good idea to start with a black cobweb mantel scarf. Of course, this adds instant atmosphere to your Halloween mantel.

Black Halloween mantel ideas include spiders, black crows/ravens props, black candles, bats and black cats.

Black creepy cloth is great to have on hand at Halloween. Because it can be used in so many different ways, you can’t go wrong buying some for a few dollars.

Adding a haggard witch prop wearing a black witch hat and cloak will look spooky standing at your mantel. Another idea is to use witches’ hats as bunting or just one witch hat sitting on the mantel with a black cat prop beside it.

Halloween mantel ideas for the color gray

The most dramatic item for a gray theme is, of course, tombstones. These can be placed around the bottom of your mantel. To tie in the color at the top of your mantel drape some gray creepy cloth.

Another idea is to add some black and gray bats handing from your mantel to keep with the Halloween theme.

Furthermore, with a gray grim reaper added to your decor, this will complement the tombstones.

Step 4: Shop for Your Halloween Items Online to Save Money

There are two reasons I recommend to shop online for your Halloween items. First, it save you money by only buying what you need. Second, it saves you time because it is convenient at this busy time of the year.

When you buy items for your Halloween mantel ideas at the store, you tend to over-shop. You pick up things that don’t fit with your display and then you need to buy extra things you didn’t get.

By shopping online you can stick to your list and get the Halloween items you need for this year. Because you can shop from home you can check whether you have something already and not need to buy it.

This saves you money as long as you stick to your list.

At this time of the year everyone starts getting busy. If you can avoid looking for things at a store it will save you from getting stressed out from the whole shopping experience.

This is especially true if you have children.

While it’s good to get them involved, I find it better to get my children helping with the decorating part of Halloween rather than the shopping part.

Step 5: Set Up Your Display like a Pro

First, make room for all your bits and pieces. Collect all your Halloween mantel items in the one place. Get the whole family together and start setting up your display.

Start with your Halloween mantel scarf. Place any hanging items in the correct location and then put all your feature pieces on your mantel. Once the larger feature pieces are in place, get lots of little props and place them across the mantel.

Next, use cutouts or other decorations on the wall around the mantel. Moving down, place larger pumpkins or statues at the bottom of the mantel.

Drape extra cobwebs or creepy cloth over the sides of your mantel or over the items on the floor.

Before placing the items below the mantel, you may want to consider placing creepy cloth on the floor across the whole display area. You’ll need to consider this before you put the larger items in place.



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