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Best Dolls for Girls this ChristmasDolls are just as popular now as they were in previous generations. The only difference now it the amount of choice your child has. There are dolls for every theme you can think of. Another difference is how sophisticated the dolls are these days. There is detailed clothing for dolls as well as accessories, vehicles, pets and loads of other items for your doll. To find the best dolls for girls this Christmas, take a look…

Dolls are particularly popular among young girls. Dolls have been around since ancient times, allowing kids to make up their own stories and use their imagination.

If you’re looking for the best dolls for girls, you’ll be spoilt for choice so work out your child’s interests first. Does your child love little babies? What about an interest in a particular career, like being a veterinarian or a firefighter. There are dolls for everyone.

Dolls great Christmas gifts for young girls. Of course, the easiest go-to doll is any of the Barbie dolls. There are tons of different kinds of Barbie dolls available, with accessories that let your child customize them just about however they want to.

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The best dolls for girls are the ones that your child can relate to. You can get Barbie’s with all kinds of different fantasy themes, like mermaids and fairies, as well as real life themes such as weddings and careers.

For example, your child might want to grow up to be a doctor one day.

There’s a Barbie playset that dresses her up like a doctor, complete with scrubs, a stethoscope, a table, and two babies to care for.

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You can get all kinds of outfits for all kinds of careers, from fashion model to firefighter to pilot.

When you searching for the best dolls for girls this Christmas, remember the accessories!

There are tons of Barbie accessories available, such as the Barbie convertible. Your child can pretend that they’re driving Barbie around from her job to her house, and it even comes with seat belts to teach your kids proper driving safety. You can also get SUVs, Campers, and even an airplane.

Best dolls for girls include baby dolls…

Of course, Barbie’s aren’t the only dolls out there. If you’re looking for the best dolls for girls, you really can’t go past baby dolls. They’re one of the most popular kinds of dolls out there. The La Baby from JC Toys is a great example, because it’s light, small, and comes in various skin tones.

best dolls for girls

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You can get little bottles that the doll can hold on to, which simulates feeding a baby in real life. You can also get strollers so your child can take them around outside. These dolls can teach your children compassion and nurturing, and can prepare them for how to hold a baby for real.

One of the more advanced baby dolls on the market is the Baby Alive series. The Baby Alive dolls will all actually eat, use their diapers, talk, and in some dolls, move and crawl around.

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For some of the dolls, the food is reusable, but if your child loses it, you can always get more. You can also get your child replacement packs of diapers, so they can keep playing with their Baby Alive.

The great thing about buying a doll for your child for Christmas is that you can buy little accessories for the doll as stocking stuffers. This completes the present.

Alternatively, if your child already has a favorite doll you can buy a new outfit, a stroller or vehicle, or accessories as Christmas gifts this year.

Dolls are great for encouraging kindness and nurturing. They can also be a source of comfort. With so many wonderful choices in dolls we hope you find the best doll for your child this Christmas.

Just one extra note…if you’re looking for a doll for yourself, there are amazing collectors dolls. Some people buy these realistic baby dolls (see picture below) for their child but they’re very expensive so they’re not for everyone. But I’m so impressed with their realism I just had to mention it.  See one here…

best dolls for girls

Yes, this really is a doll (above). Can you believe it?

She’s so realistic, it’s hard to believe. This doll is also weighted correctly like a real baby.

If you can afford one of these dolls it would be lovely to get one.

As mentioned, they are collectors dolls but some parents have bought them for their daughter to play with. The only downside is that you have to be careful with the hair when playing because it is quite fine and delicate (like a real baby’s hair).

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