Baby Girl Tutu – Find the best tutu skirt or dress in the color you need

Baby Girl Tutu Skirts and DressesNewborn baby girls and toddlers look so precious in a tutu. You can dress your youngest member of the family in a baby girl tutu for professional photos or simply to capture those moments at home. And don’t forget the first birthday party! Tutus are perfect for a celebration. Here are the best tutus I could find. There are lots of colors available and lots of styles. Whether you want a skirt or dress, color or polka dots, see it all here…

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Most Popular Baby Girl Tutu

The pink baby girl tutu skirt style is the most popular with our readers. This tutu is extremely soft making it perfect for newborns or toddlers.

It comes in more than a dozen different colors and there are two sizes available. For more details on the colors and sizes, Click Here and you’ll also see today’s price.

With so many colors to choose from you can match the color of the tutu to the color of a birthday cake.

This tutu is so soft that it doesn’t matter if your baby or toddler falls asleep in this tutu. The fabric is fluffy and soft and won’t leave any scratches on the skin.  

Newborn Tutu

For a newborn tutu you really need to consider the feeling of the fabric. If it is too stiff and scratchy then you baby won’t like it and you’ll be worried about it scratch your baby’s skin.

This baby girl tutu comes in two sizes – one for newborn and one for toddlers. The fabric is super soft and your baby or toddler can sleep in this tutu without any scratches to her soft skin.

This is why this tutu is so popular. At the time of writing this girls’ tutu has an average of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars for over 500 reviews on Amazon.

This baby girl tutu is available in so many different colors you’ll probably want to buy several of them. And they’re so affordable, you can!

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Baby Tutu Dress

If you’re looking for a cute baby girl tutu dress then this pink one may be perfect for you. It comes in lots of different sizes making it easy to get a good fit. For the sizes, Click Here.

The sizes include a size chart with age, height and weight which makes it easy to make a decision when buying.

This tutu dress also comes in a white color. Both dresses are adorable and you may want to get both of them for your little girl.


This is another cute baby girl tutu dress. There are lots of sizes available.

The good news is the tutu part of the dress is full and fluffy and the dress is good quality. But, just a warning about this one: the sizes tend to run small so go a size up for your daughter.


Baby Pink Tutu

This is a high quality baby girl tutu. The tutu stays out at the sides in a classic ballet tutu style for a little girl. It is available in different sizes.

The fabric is stiff enough to hold out like a tutu but it is also soft and not scratchy. This is a very popular choice. At the time of writing it had an average of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars for almost 200 reviews, click here to see the reviews.

As you can see from the picture above, this baby tutu comes in other colors than pink. You may want to purchase several different colors.

Baby Purple Tutu

If purple, violet, mauve or lilac are more suited to your baby girl, then take a look at these cute tutus.

Baby Gold Tutu

A gold tutu can be paired with white, pink, silver, black, navy or lots of other colors for a stylish look.

Baby White Tutu

First Birthday Tutu

Is your little girl turning one soon? First birthday tutus are very popular. Some parents even buy two tutus for the birthday – one for the party and one for the photo session (sometimes the next day). A girl can never have too many tutus!

This first birthday tutu from Mud Pie is pink and gold with the number one written in words and numerals. The matching party hat completes the outfit. Plus there are matching accessories to help decorate your home for the big celebration.

Remember to buy the matching high chair banner for decoration. Also consider the matching bib in pink and gold and the first birthday cake topper.

Here are some other ideas to really make that first birthday special. Tissue poms poms in the pink and gold theme look adorable hanging inside or outside on a veranda. I’ve even seen these pom poms used to decorate the garden by hanging them from the tree branches (just make sure it’s not a rainy day!)

And why not add some pendants handing on the wall or from the ceiling. The ones shown above are also in the pink and gold theme. Paper drinking straws in pink and gold can also be used by kids or adults at the party. Pink cocktails for the adults and pink milk for the kids!

Birthday Princess tutu skirt and party hat

This Birthday Princess tutu is another baby girl tutu perfect for a party. It’s from the Mud Pie brand.

This tutu features multi-color pom poms on the skirt.

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It comes with a matching Birthday Princess party hat.

You can buy a matching baby girl socks set as well. And if you’re looking for some extra party decoration take a look at the images below (all images are clickable for more details).

All-in-one birthday tutu

If you’re looking for a tutu crawler in pink and gold take a look at this adorable outfit. There are inner leg snap closures for diaper changes and the top includes glitter applique with the word “one” on the front.

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This is a very convenient baby girl tutu because the skirt won’t move down if your little girl is crawling or climbing.


If you need a party hat to go with the tutu, here are some ideas…

The party hat is on a clip and the crown is a headband. These are perfect for her cake smash or any other photo opportunity.

Black and white birthday theme

This birthday party tutu dress is perfect for a black and white theme. Pair it with gold and you’re ready to celebrate.

There are different sizes and different birthday celebration numbers available on these tutu dresses. For more details, including today’s price, Click Here.

This dress also comes in other colors if you’re looking for something more colorful.

Pair it with a cute tiara headband in gold and gold shoes and you’re little girl is ready to party.


Whether you like a tutu skirt or dress your little girl will look adorable wearing one of these tutus. Buy extra ones in extra colors and really enjoy them.

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